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 Tim Pownall

I am delighted to welcome you to the Center for Conflict Resolution. As you explore our site we hope you will come to understand who we are, what we do and what we stand for. You will also discover tools and resources to help you or your client develop strategies toward the successful resolution of your conflict or litigation.
CCR is a premier ADR/conflict management resource organization. CCR provides a nexus for the hearing of disputes, case administration, rules and procedures, and a panel of impartial ADR veteran neutrals to hear and resolve cases. Founded in 1983, CCR is a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors and run by an executive director, staff and volunteers. Funding is by donations, fees for service and grants.
The scope of our work includes the application of out-of-court settlement techniques like mediation, facilitation and conciliation in private for fee casework as well as pro bono court-connected programs, negotiation and advocacy consultation, professional training and education programs and organizational systems design services. Our operational goal is to deliver services of such quality as to engender confidence and client retention. We have great passion for our mission! It is first, to model professional conflict management and dispute resolution processes through the provision of those same strategic and cost-effective services to our clients, and secondly, to promote both a personal and professional commitment in our clients toward resolving their own future disputes through strategic communication processes. This approach to ADR is borne out of our belief that conflict is neither good or bad in itself – it merely is. We repeatedly find in our work that the way parties approach the issue of conflict itself most often determines the dispute outcome and future relationship between the parties. Our long experience in conflict management convinces us that if approached with honesty, respect, intelligence and creativity, the ‘appropriate dispute resolution’ dynamic we assist parties with affords them a rewarding and satisfying settlement experience. As a result, what distinguishes CCR is not only our ability to engage parties in an evaluation of their assumptions of their own case and that of the opposing party, but of their own underlying interests and the anticipated interests of their counterparts as well. A critical examination of the principals’ core values and the relationship of these influences on the overall ‘case’ strategy is often an important matter of consideration in the pursuit of a responsible and fair outcome. CCR’s longstanding commitment, therefore, is to providing assistance to our clients in crafting their own durable agreements that reflect judicious balance between values and outcomes.
What truly excites me and gives me a deep sense of joy and pride is seeing the quality of work our panel delivers on every case. Win, lose or draw, parties who have been helped by our neutrals are invariably pleased with the degree of personal involvement, process advocacy, concern for ‘feelings’ and attention to detail afforded them by CCR’s neutrals. CCR’s perspective and professional enterprise is walked out in every intervention by a small but well practiced panel of experienced and highly successful neutrals under the umbrella of our policies and procedural rules.
Again, I am pleased to welcome you to the Center for Conflict Resolution. We are grateful for your interest in our work and invite you to contact us for assistance.
W. Timothy Pownall
Fmr.Executive Director & Board President
Purpose, Responsibility and Confidentiality.

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